Gazelle is a known leader in reducing electronic waste and finding value in gently used electronics.


Every year brings the latest and greatest in smartphones and tablets. But where do the old devices go? They fill up our personal space at home, and even worse, clog up our natural environment. We’re here to put an end to this harmful pollution while also rewarding those who choose to recycle their personal technology devices.

Gazelle is a known leader in reducing electronic waste and finding value in gently used electronics. Our machines are simple to use, efficient, and provide an instant reward for smart recycling. Whether your old device is outdated, broken or simply unused, it’s worth a trip to one of our convenient locations.


We’re all about a rewarding experience. Responsibly recycling your phone with Gazelle not only puts extra funds in your pocket, but it also helps to ensure a cleaner environment for future generations. After you sell a mobile to Gazelle, we send it to a certified facility so it can be reused or responsibly recycled.

In the last decade alone, Gazelle has diverted over 19 million phones from landfills. Take a look at what this amount means to our planet.


The process only takes a few minutes of your time. When bringing your used phone to our machine, we take several safety precautions to ensure a smooth and protected transaction. We ask for a photo scan of your ID and a thumbprint scan. Using a Gazelle machine results in an overall healthier environment with minimized tech waste. When you’re helping to preserve the planet while earning extra funds for your old tech, everyone wins.

Partnered with our parent company ecoATM LLC in the United States, we’re on a mission that leads us all to a greener future. We’re here in Europe and America to change how the world thinks about pre-owned consumer technology and make a lasting, positive impact on the world we live in.

We are part of our family company, ecoATM International Limited. The Gazelle branded kiosks are operated in the UK and are partnered with our sister Gazelle website offered in the United States.

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